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Different Types of Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits not only have a great taste and form a major part of various food items and desserts but they have separate health benefits as well. There are different types of dry fruits and all of them have various tastes as well as health benefits. Following their emergence from different corners of the world, dry fruits bring along the benefits as well as the taste. It does not matter whether you wish to have one dry fruit or a box full of assorted dry fruits, you can achieve utility by tasting a handful of a great mouth-watering variety.

Let’s Explore the Types of Dry Fruits Variety:


This is one such dry fruit that is not only consumed by the masses but is also recommended by the doctors in order to have a healthy lifestyle and diet. An edible seed as well as a locality of Southwestern Asia, Almonds can be eaten in various forms be it raw, roasted as well as boiled. It is very nutritious in nature are they do not have any cholesterol and also are antioxidants in nature.


Another name in the list of the different types of dry fruits is Walnuts. Being rich in minerals, fats, fiber as well as vitamins, this is a single seed dry fruit. Interestingly, there are many variations that come in the form of walnuts. There are known to decrease the inflammation as well as the different risks that are related to problems like cancer. They have fatty acids like Omega 3, proteins and dietary fibers too.


For all the grape lovers, raisins are the go-to dry fruit. Made from dehydrated grapes, raisins are made in the kind of food preparations that are sour as well as sweet in taste. Also, raisins are known to help in reducing the level of acidity and also have better digestion. Raisins also have a role to play in baking, brewing as well as cooking.


An amazing source for Vitamin A, E, potassium as well as copper, apricots are mostly eaten when the sun is the strongest. This kind of fry fruit is also rich in other elements like magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, manganese, zinc and many more. Turkey is a huge producer of Apricots. If there is a good intake of the dry apricots, there is likely to be a positive impact on the skin, eyes as well as the immune system of a person.


The different types of dry fruits include pistachios too. These are known to be good for the heart and also help in keeping the bad levels of cholesterol at a minimum line. Also, patients with diabetes and less immunity can have pistachios for a better level.


Rich in elements like magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc as well as copper, Cashews helps in increasing the high-density lipoproteins which can be called as the good cholesterol and lower for the bad ones. Produced by an evergreen tropical tree, there are various variants like cashew cheese, cashew butter, cashew apples, etc.


Another fruit of the tree found in the tropical areas is dates. Having a taste that is sweet in nature, it consists of various nutrients that are important for the body. These can be consumed with dishes or separately also. Precisely, these different types of dry fruits play an important role in the intake of a healthy meal as well as maintaining a great lifestyle.