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Health Benefits of Milk & Its Properties

Remember how your parents used to chase you with a glass of milk as “it’s good for you” when you were a kid? Now, as adults, we know it’s definitely good for us due to its numerous nutritional properties and health benefits of Milk. Today, in this article, we are going to discuss the overall nutritional profile of milk and how it’s absolutely necessary for our wellbeing in multiple ways. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Health Benefits of Milk Nutritional Profile

Milk comes with 9 essential nutrients that must be added to our everyday diet for our physical system to work flawlessly.

Protein: It’s primarily responsible for building our muscular health

Calcium: Essential for healthy and strong bones and teeth.

Phosphorus: Necessary for bone development and physical energy

Potassium: Regulates and maintains optimum blood pressure

Vitamin A: A must for our immune system. It also maintains healthy skin and vision.

Vitamin D: Mainly regarded as an essential vitamin for our bone health. However, its deficiency is connected with multiple serious health conditions, including, increased cardiovascular risk, and even cancer.

Vitamin B12: Responsible for red blood cell generation, and helps to maintain a healthy neurological system.

Niacin: It’s crucial for fatty acids and sugar metabolism.

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin): It turns the food we ingest into energy.

In short, Milk is a superfood that comes with some of the most critical nutrients that our bodily system requires every day and long term deficiency of any of them could result in catastrophic health issues. The good news is, milk is cheap and abundantly available no matter in which corner of this world you live. Furthermore, you don’t need to gulp down a lot to reap the benefits – 8 ounces daily would be enough for a regular adult, according to the National Dairy Council.

How One Glass of Milk Make A Difference

Now, let’s find out the health benefits of Milk how a glass of milk every day can make a difference in improving our general health and various other medical conditions.

Muscle building

A glass of milk is full of high-quality whey and casein protein, things that act as building blocks to build our muscles. It’s also a potent source of saturated fat, which helps to preserve the lean muscle by preventing the same from being used to generate energy.

Weight loss

As milk is a great source of dietary protein and helps to gain muscle mass, it further accelerates weight loss and maintains the ideal level by doing so. Various studies have been done on the post-exercise impact of milk, and every single study has shown favorable results. However, there’s a long time controversy on milk’s connection with weight loss due to its large fat concentration – but a recent study conclusively proved that those who drink milk after weight training lose more body fat and gain more lean muscle than those who drink other types of drinks.

Cardiovascular health

Here’s a shocking finding according to research done at Cardiff University – regular consumption of milk can lessen any cardiovascular risk factor up to 20%. However, you will find some contradictory opinions of many renowned doctors and scientists as milk is associated with an increased level of cholesterol, which is a major risk factor for stroke, and other coronary diseases.

Though one thing we need to consider

cholesterol is only one factor out of several that directly influence our cardiovascular condition. For example, Blood pressure is another critical risk factor, and milk undoubtedly helps to maintain the same. So, it will be stupid not to drink milk due to its cholesterol content, the connection of which with coronary diseases is still controversial and can be maintained easily with the help of other food or supplements.