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How to know if my Immune System is Weak

In this time of coronavirus pandemic, people are being advised to take additional care in order to keep their immune systems strong. This helps the body to fight against the Covid-19 virus. While taking precautions like wearing masks, sanitizing hands frequently, and obeying social distancing norms imposed by the governments throughout the word is extremely crucial. It is also vital to have a robust immune system that will help you to fight against the Covid-19 in case you come to its contact, unfortunately.

If you often fall sick or feel exhausted or fatigued even without doing anything substantial or experiencing some other symptoms that indicate you’re not well, but you can’t figure the cause out – all these may hint at a weakened immune system.

Here in this brief article, we will explain some of the warning signs by which your body is telling you that your immune system has been not in good health to be able to give you adequate protection against germs and ailments, and what steps you must take to revive it again.


Do you tend to fall sick following some massive emotional roller coaster or after completion of a big assignment in your work? You’re not alone, and it’s quite a common phenomenon. Doctors and researchers believe this is due to our body’s reaction to long-term stress. During the stress period, our white blood cell level decreases. And white blood cells are the primary component of our immune system that fights infection. What that means is, when you feel stress, your immunity system gets weakened. That leaves you vulnerable to various disease-causing bacteria and viruses. So, if you’re stress and feeling worn out, that’s a clear indication of less capable immunity.

You frequently catch the common cold

It’s quite normal for an adult to have common colds for 2-3 three times a year. And in the majority of the cases, it takes around a week to get back into normal health. Our immune system takes 3-4 days on average to create antibodies in response during your sickness; hence you need around seven days to be cured completely. However, if you’re catching colds more than the usual, or taking more than ten days to recover. It’s a definite sign of a weak immune system that is struggling to develop enough antibodies in order to fight off germs.

Your gut is not doing well

Are you constantly feeling something is not well in their gut? Do you frequently experience symptoms like constipation, gas, indigestion, etc.? It might be due to a compromised immune system. Almost 70% of human immunity is based in the digestive system where the probiotics reside. These protect the whole gastrointestinal tract from various other germs and promote our weak immune system. If the number of these probiotics decreases, that leaves your gut at pray of harmful germs, infections, and inflammations.

Getting Extra Time To Heal

Your skin, the uppermost surface of our body, enters into the damage healing state once there’s a cut, deep scratch, or burn. Our immune system immediately responses to such wounds and instruct the body to send additional blood with rejuvenating properties to the injury area in order to heal the spot and create new skin cells. Now, how much time it will take for your body to heal the injured spot depends on how strong and responsive your immunity is. If your immune system is working less than it should, your wounds will take time to heal. Even sometimes, you’re going to need medical intervention for the injuries that should heal automatically for a normal and healthy person.


It’s normal to feel exhausted and immediate need for good sleep after a full day of hard work. But if you’re still feeling fatigued and further sleepy even after sufficient rest, that does hint at something else. Something that your immune system is trying to indicate. Are you feeling the urge for more rest than you typically need? That’s probably because somehow your immune system has been compromised. Your body is saving whatever energy it can in order to keep your immunity charged by trying to keep you rested for additional time.

What you can do about your weak immune system

  • Eat a nutritionally rich, balanced diet
  • Don’t skip your sleep
  • Exercise is a must
  • Regularly wash the hands and obey general hygiene norms
  • Quit smoking
  • Don’t Take Stress
  • Get vaccinated