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How to Improve Immune System with Citrus fruits

It is no secret that citrus fruits are an excellent source of immunity-boosting nutrients, especially vitamin C and zinc. Researchers studied the benefits of vitamin C and zinc, the two major active compounds of any citrus fruit. They concluded their crucial roles in strengthening the human immune system.

The roles vitamin C and zinc play to boost our immunity

In a 2006 study, conducted by Swiss researchers, looked at the effect of vitamin C and zinc over the human immunity power. They tried to find links between these ingredients and patients with certain kinds of infections of the respiratory tract which mainly occurs due to one’s weakened immunity and therefore lesser ability to fight infections. These ailments include the common cold and seasonal flu, among a few others.

It has been found that vitamin c levels drop in our blood serum whenever our system gets attacked by any disease-causing virus or bacteria, forcing our body to be stressed both physically and mentally. Scientists believe that vitamin C is an essential part of our immune system. Its levels drop when the system is making use more of the same to fight against the germs. Here is how vitamin C in citrus fruits helps to make our immune system further effective

– It improves the white blood cell’s function, which is known as “natural killer” cells, thanks to its germ and tumor reducing abilities. Vitamin C further enhances the antimicrobial efficacy of these cells and aid in eliminating various bacteria and viruses.

– Vitamin C further reduces the oxidative stress in our cells, making them less prone to damage. That eventually lowers the chance of tumor formation.

And when it comes to zinc, it acts with vitamin C in unison to further increase its potency; hence both the elements are vital in order to maintain better health.

If infections happen anyway, they work to reduce the impact on our body

They further reduce the infection periods

Both zinc and vitamin C help our body to resist infections

Keeping you healthy with Citrus Fruits

When looking at that study, we can see a large group of people was given 30mg of zinc with 1 gram of vitamin C as part of this clinical trial, and the result we find is nothing short of impressive.

Regular intake of both nutrients improved the severity of their symptoms.

Also, they found a link between the consumption of these two elements and the shortened length of infection episodes.

The patients who took part in the study came with a vast range of clinical conditions, such as the common cold, pneumonia, and other respiratory infections with malaria, and diarrhea.

What this study indicates is eating citrus fruits, which come with enormous goodness of zinc and vitamin C can help in boosting the immune system and, in turn, keep us in good health. They further aid patients with already compromised immunity to increase their chance of survival against infections.

How can boost your immune system with citrus fruits

Citrus fruits, while raw and fresh, can be a little too much to eat directly due to their extremely sour taste. They can be, however, consumed as mixed with herbal drinks, and many other foods to get their amazing health benefits. Here we are sharing a quick recipe for a delicious health drink packed with all the nutritional values of citrus and other powerful health-promoting elements. It is easy to prepare and requires a blending machine, a cutting board, and your 10 minutes of free time along with a citrus fruit of your choice and other ingredients. Once made, this raw and healthy drink can be refrigerated up to 3 days so that you can boost up your energy whenever you’re feeling a bit low.

Ingredients required

Oranges – 2 pieces
Lemon – 1 piece
Carrots – 2 medium-sized
Fresh ginger – 3 tablespoon, chopped
Raw turmeric – 2 tablespoon, chopped
Organic honey – 1 tablespoon
Lukewarm water – 1 tablespoon


Use oranges and lemon with their skins peeled off. Chop carrots into larger pieces while turmeric and ginger into smaller ones. Put everything in a blender and give it a good mix. Start your machine, and after some moments, your delicious immunity-boosting drink will be ready.