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What kind of fruit is Apple & Types of Apple Available

A healthy sight to the eye which is very juicy, healthy, and tasty too, apples are common to be eaten at mostly every place around the globe. Apart from this, being the kind of fruit the apple is, it acts as a good ingredient when it comes to cooking as well. Apples are a part of the desserts, American as well as French dishes. They also form a part of the various kinds of drinks too.

The amazing taste of apples also forms a good combination with meat as well as pork. It is used in stuffing also and applesauce is another interesting thing when it comes to taste.

But, let me tell you that all of these things do not include the same kind of apples. There is something more to what is just visible to the eye. There are different kinds of apples that make their way to different dishes, desserts, sauces, and much more. Let’s take a toll on them.

Different Types of Apple

Kiku Apple

This is a colorful apple having red, golden, and yellowish color. This type of apple is crunchy and sweet in taste and also a juicy flesh. One can enjoy this apple as a snack, in a homemade sauce of apple or it can be used as a snack too.

Fuji Apple

The skin of this type of apple is light green and with a pale reddish-orange color too. Fuji apple is used mostly in snacks.

Envy Apple

It is an outrageously sweeter apple. Envy Apple stays bright after cutting for a long time. These types of apples are used with cheese and it is also a perfect salad item.

Honeycrisp Apple

A type of apple that is bigger in size and the best one for a healthy snack. It is sweet and juicy. If it is stored in the refrigerator it’s crisp texture lasts long. It is red in color and has some golden color too.

Ambrosia Apple

A pink blush over the yellow color background apple. It is sweet in taste and is known as low-acid apples. It has a beautiful and pleasant aroma.

Gala Apple

This type of apple has an amazingly sweet flavor that makes it perfect for a healthy snack. It has a creamy yellow skin with some pink and reddish stripes.

Sweetie Apple

As the name suggests, this one is the sweetest apple and has some taste of the Gala’s apple. But it has a flavor of its own that makes it different from other types of apples.

Opal Apple

Apple in medium-size looks like a golden apple but not the golden apple. It has yellow skin and is soft and has a crispy taste. These types of apples are used in pies, muffins, or cakes.

Jazz Apple

This apple is from New Zealand and is sweet, tangy, and super juicy. The taste of the apple makes it a perfect choice for snacks and salads. They can stay fresh and crispy if stored in the refrigerator for a long time.

Golden Delicious Apple

Mostly found in Indian fruit markets. This is a type of apple that is chosen by Indians the most. It has a light green to yellowish skin and is sweet in flavors. They are used as salads or eating fresh.

Red Delicious Apple

Totally red in color with small yellow dots (very small slightly visible). These types of apple have a crispy and juicy taste. It is also found commonly in Indian fruit markets.

Pink Lady Apple

Pink Lady apple comes in pink in color and that is the reason why it is named as pink lady apples. It has a sweet-tart taste and is the best one for cooking or eating fresh.

McIntosh Apple

This one surely reminds you of Apple (iPad, iPhone, etc). It comes with the blend of green, red and golden skin, These are best when eaten fresh. It is also used in pies, sauces, and salads.

Granny Smith Apple

It looks like the Golden Delicious apple but mostly found in the bright green color. This type of apple is also used in pies, pastries, or for fresh eating.

Since our childhood, hearing the story, we were familiar with only the red as well as the golden apple. Who knew that the kind of fruit the apple is, there would be so many variants to it.