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Types of Nutrition and All You Need to Know About Them

Energy is required by all individuals in order to function which comes from the different types of nutrition. And, the different types of nutrition are derived from the different types of food which are consumed by an individual.

Consumption of different types of nutrients is a must for the overall growth of the body, repair as well as the replacement of the cells of the body, releasing of energy as well as the proper maintenance of all the life processes. However, if a person consumes the level of nutrition poorly, it can lead to a disease suspect, can hinder the mental as well as the physical development of a person, and can affect the productivity of a person also.

It is known that if you have a healthy as well as a nutritious diet, you will have a well-working body and functioning organs. It has been known that consuming a good diet is important if you want to prevent various kinds of diseases including the ones like cancer. The intake of good nutrition is important to maintain good health, prevent the happening of any disease as well as is important for the development of the motor and the non-motor skills especially small children of the adolescent age.

There are different types of nutrition that perform different functions of the body. The consumption of an appropriate quantity of the same is necessary. Nutrients come in basic forms whose intake becomes important for the human body.

The following are the 7 major types of nutrition:


Carbohydrates can be called a group of substances that can range in between all the chemical, physiological as well as physical properties. There are a lot of food items that come under the head of carbohydrates like rice, bread, grain-based products, noodles, and much more.

As we know, there are carbohydrates that are simple and can be absorbed quickly and hence, are known to be raising the levels of glucose in the blood. But, you should also know that there are many complex carbohydrates, which can be digested at the same rate.

Starch is one of the common plants when it comes to extracting a carbohydrate nutrient. You tend to draw a lot of energy with the consumption of foods having food with good quantities of carbohydrates.


Water is one of the main intakes when it comes to the proper functioning of the body. Also, it becomes important to keep our body hydrated all the time with the right quantity of water. Water does wonders to not only your inside system but also because it brings along many important things required for the body. Additionally, water acts as a vehicle inside our body to carry the different kinds of nutrients in the whole body. The human body is made up of 60% of water content, the absence of which may cause issues like dehydration.


Most of the vitamins are considered essential for the human body which is necessary for good health. The deficiency of diseases in the body might cause issues like goiter, scurvy, a disorder in cell metabolism, cancer formation, osteoporosis, premature aging, and much more. There are many water and fat-soluble vitamins essential for the body and play a very important role in the overall functioning, as there are many chemical changes and processes which are going inside the body.


Minerals are required by the living organisms which are present in many elements like nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, hydrogen along with other organic molecules. Apart from these, there are others too, which are metals, basically. And, these may be occurring in the form of ions in the body. However, to meet the mineral requirements of the body, they are artificially added in the form of supplements like iodized salt which cures issues like goiter.


This is the one that forms the basis of all the human and animal body structures. Also, proteins are responsible for the formation of enzymes that take charge of all the chemical reactions which are taking place in the body. There are amino acids that are inclusive of nitrogen and sulfur, too, which are put to use in the production of proteins as well as replacing the proteins which have been damaged.


There are some essential fatty acids in the body which are called fats as their scientific term. The body can produce them on the requirement. However, there are 2 of them which are important and should be a part of your diet for sure. These are Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. These have roles in the human body to ensure proper functioning.


Dietary fiber is a carbohydrate that is not completely absorbed in both humans as well as animals. This can produce as many as 4 calories which are called kilocalories. Fiber can be categorized as insoluble as well as soluble dietary fiber. This does not provide energy to the human body but is important for various other reasons for the human body.

These mentioned fibers come categorized as human nutrition. This means that these are the essential nutrients which are supporting human life as well as health. However, if you indulge in consuming food with poor nutritional value, problems will be faced by you in the longer run. Also, it is important to understand that poor nutrition should be seen as a chronic problem which further invites major problems like poverty, food insecurity as well as a poor understanding prevailing amongst the people. There are other issues like malnutrition also which further contribute to the increased levels of deaths as well as disabilities. Hence, it becomes important for a body to have the intake of good nutrition for proper growth and overall development be it adults, teenagers, or small children.