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What are the different types of fruits

Whenever you feel like munching every now and then but want to stick to something healthy, the different types of fruits come to your rescue. Drooling over the tastes of the fruits, it’s pretty sure that most of the people might have not even wondered about the complexity of the fruits. Interestingly, fruits have different characteristics, types and different scientific names, too. Depending on the preference of people, there can be a huge count in the kinds of fruits. Some of them are stated below:


The famous quote revolves around the health importance of apple which is ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’. A fleshy fruit which is recommended and consumed by many people around the globe, this fruit is rich in vitamin C. This also forms a part of the daily munching as well as desserts like apple pies, apple tarts etc.


A result of the flowering plant, mango happens to be a National fruit. Mangos can be consumed in various ways. Some are ripe, soft and pulpy however some taste sour and are hard. Mangoes can be eaten in raw forms and can also be transformed in chutneys and pickles. There are various types of mangoes available in the market depending on the cultivation and the season.


Known as one of the most appealing fruits of the world, bananas are an important one. These are the fruits which are grown in the tropics. An iconic fruit which is goldish yellow in colour, they are an instant booster in terms of energy. They are also helpful indigestion in the body.


This is the kind of a fruit which does not do well on the trees. The shape of pear can be compared to a raindrop. These are juicy fruits but should be eaten straight out of the fridge because this is the time when they actually taste the best. The centre of the fruit is fibrous. Also, pears are edible in nature.


Blackberry is one of those fruits which is cultivated very commonly. They have a relatively good profile in terms of nutrients if grown and found in the wild state and is known for being a good carrier of Vitamin C. The taste is also very sweet.


Having a considerable amount of vitamins as well as minerals, blueberry is one fruit which brings along amazing health benefits. With a deep blue colour and a soothing experience, blueberries are low in carbohydrates and also are known to help in reducing the rate of the blood pressure too.


This is a popular type of fruit between the people of all ages. Juicy fruit with a hard seed inside it, cherry comes in both sweet and sour flavour. However, as far as the nutrient value is concerned, sour cherries have a better one. The growth of cherries is seen mostly in the Russian, Eastern European as well as the South Asian countries.


Grapes are one such fruit which is very unique as it has many variants to it. Also, grapes are available in colours like black, green, red as well as purple. Also, the availability of grapes can be different from the ones in the form of wine to the ones in juices and jams also.


Tracing its existence in both the tropical as well as the sub-tropical areas, Guava is one of its kind. The taste of guava depends on its ripening. Also, sweeter guava will be available in a light yellow colour however, if it is green in colour, it might give you a combination of a sweet and sour taste. Its look is also pretty nice as it might have a pink or cream centre. It has great nutritional value too, as it is a major provider of Vitamin C.


A combination of a unique name as well as an eye-catching appearance, the Jackfruit is another different type of fruit. Having a mouth-watering taste, this is a tropical fruit which is a bit heavy when it comes to carrying. It is a mixture of various micro as well as macronutrients required by the body.


A juicy fruit, the other name of Kiwi is Chinese gooseberry. Being famous in nature, it is not only found in many parts of the world but is also pretty easy to grow. It has a sour-sweet taste and functions well in making blood in the body and has a considerable amount of Vitamin C in itself.

There are many other different types of fruits like melons, watermelons, oranges, pineapples, Lychee etc. The list has many other names too. Eating fruits definitely shows that munching can be healthy and colourful, too.