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What are the Types of Vegetables

Every now and then and since childhood, our mothers were after us to include different types of vegetables in our diet. This was not only because they wanted us to have a habit of eating a variety of vegetables but also because they understood the body’s requirement and nutritive value of each of them. But, there’s always something more than what catches the eye. Apart from just a taste of the various vegetables, i’s important to know about the health benefits of the same. You should always have a fair idea about what you are consuming. Some of the healthy vegetables are stated below:


Vitamins and minerals are present in abundance in green leafy vegetables like spinach. Having elements like potassium, magnesium as well as other vitamins like B6 and B9, spinach is a superfood. A considerable intake of spinach is also known to benefit the eyesight and also help in the reduction of oxidative stress.


Mushrooms have a variable degree of proteins as well as fibres. Vitamin B and selenium which is an amazing antioxidant are also present in mushrooms. The consumption of mushrooms can do wonders to the immune system and also it plays an important role in preventing the damage which has been caused to the tissues and the cells of the body.


This is the type of vegetables which will keep you away from chronic diseases too. It protects the body from the radicals that might cause damage. However, the different cooking ways of making broccoli can make a difference to the taste. It majorly helps in the building of collagen which is required for the development of the tissues as well as the bones in the body.


Another antioxidant in nature, sprouts is a kind of a mixture of certain vegetables and helps in preventing the damage which has been caused to the cells of the body. The consumption of sprouts can lead to the detoxification of the body as well. Sprouts are densely rich in vitamins and minerals like A, C, K, manganese as well as potassium. This can be eaten as a snack too and is pretty tasty.


A starchy type of vegetable in nature, Green Peas is a great source for fibres and also support the digestive health of anyone who consumes it. Also, green peas helps in the promotion of a proper bowel movement in the body and certain compounds of green peas are known to have the anti-cancer effects too like preventing the growth of tumor.


Red cabbage is another member of the family of nutritious vegetables. It comes with various healthy properties as well as has antioxidants as well. It has a good amount of Vitamin C which is required for the body and also is very rich in anthocyanins. Researches have proved that the consumption of red cabbage helps in reducing the increased levels of blood cholesterol and also prevents problems that are related to the liver as well as the heart.

From giving fundamental nutrients and minerals to battling malady, unmistakably remembering vegetables for your eating regimen is significant for good wellbeing. While the different types of vegetables recorded here have been widely read for their medical advantages, there are bounty more vegetables that are likewise brilliant for your wellbeing. Guarantee that you’re getting a decent blend of vegetables in your eating regimen to exploit their numerous differing medical advantages and get the most nourishing value for your money.