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What Broccoli Does To Your Body & Other Details

Broccoli is often related to a 5-star appearance and nutritional value but does this justify what Broccoli does to your body? A very tasty vegetable, Broccoli comes pack with a huge number of vitamins, minerals as well as nutrients beneficial to the body.

When we talk about eating a healthy and balanced diet, the inclusion of green vegetables is a must. Health benefits of eating Broccoli are one such vegetable that tops the list of tasty green vegetables. Belonging to the family of cabbage, Broccoli is a green plant that is edible in nature.


Before discussing the nutritional facts and minerals included in Broccoli, let’s trace a little history of this vegetable.

When we talk about its history, Broccoli is known for tracing its existence since the Roman time, Broccoli made its way to the US with the concept of colonization. In the Roman time, it used to be considered as a vegetable which had a very high value. However, it came into proper limelight during the late 1920s. It has also found its existence from places like Asia Minor as well as the Mediterranean Area. This means Broccoli has made its way to us, internationally. It has been doing rounds for more than 2000 years now.

Nutrient Profile

Vitamin Presence

Broccoli is an amazing source that is abundantly rich in various kinds of vitamins. Vitamins like C helps in building collagen in the body along with the formation of tissues and bones in the body. Any cuts and wounds are healed too. This vitamin is an antioxidant as well, which further helps in the protection of the body too.

Others like Vitamin K are essential for the working of proteins within the body which deals with problems like blood clotting. Minerals like potassium which is also an electrolyte are very helpful in the functioning of the nerves present in the body. Also, it deals with the contraction of the heart. Rich in fibers, Broccoli also helps in the promotion of digestive health. The cholesterol levels are also on a low with its consumption. Folic acids that are present in Broccoli play a vital role in the production of the new cells within the body.


The content of antioxidants within the different food items like Broccoli is a great thing for the health of the human body. Antioxidants help in repairing the cells which have been damaged by the free radicals in the body. Inflammation is also reduced to a great extent. It has glucoraphanin which converts into antioxidants namely sulforaphane. This happens during the time of digestion.

Also, Broccoli helps in the reduction of oxidative stress as well as reduce the cellular damage which has been caused to the eyes.


● Broccoli has been derived from the plural of the Italian word ‘broccolo’. This word means the flowering crest of the plant – cabbage. In short, Broccoli stands for a ‘sprout’ or a ‘small nail’.

● The Broccoli plant grows to an estimate of 60-90 cm tall. The fruit is a dense green in a color cluster of buds of the flowers.

● An excellent source of vitamins as well as minerals, Broccoli is also known as the ‘Crown of the Jewel Nutrition’.