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What Types of Fruit is Bananas

Your garden may or may not have a banana tree depending on your preference to eat the same. However, if you ever happen to visit a place which flourishes in the growth of bananas, you should try and get your hands on what types of bananas fruit is? And, if you are a banana person, there are some facts about bananas that might actually interest you.

Apart from being very rich in Vitamin B6 and giving a tropical and dewy view, the banana plants tend to give a very warm feeling with its presence.

So, let’s go across some types of bananas not many are aware of-

Banana – A Herb

A banana tree or plant, as some may call it, is actually a herb. For a fair understanding, you can relate it to the ginger. The reason is that it does not have a woody stem. The growth of a banana tree is singular and upwards and the leaves grow in the tight spiral. Basically, the banana is an extension of the sheaths of the plant.

However, bananas are also called as berries instead of fruits. This is because, at the flowering stage, the heart of the banana located at the end of the stem forms a deep purple coloured bud.

Has Hands and Fingers

Talking about the kind of fruit the banana is, its originality and appearance should not be missed. Watching the flowering parts of the banana plant transforming into the groups of bananas is a common sight for many. But how many of us actually know that a singer banana and even the group of bananas for that matter have a specific term attached to it. These terms have been given by the Arab slave traders who used to trade in the bananas. The individual bananas are known as the fingers of the hand. Additionally, the bananas that are hung up there in a group are known as a bunch of a hand. Interesting isn’t it?

Variety of Bananas / Types of Bananas

Being healthy, having a great fan base and also easy to grab and munch, bananas are known and eaten by most of the people out there. Interestingly, bananas are a part of desserts, snacks, chips and whatnot. But the question arises, are all the bananas used in different food items the same? The answer is, NO.

Bananas have a variety depending on the kind of fruit the banana is. There are different groups and names given to bananas depending on their appearance and original presentation. They can be categorised into 2 major categories and subcategories eventually. The categories are dessert bananas and cooking bananas. The sub-division is stated below:

The Dessert Bananas

he dessert bananas are known to have a sweet taste but vary from each other in terms of shape, colour, size as well as the flavour. However, they are naturally a part of some countries only, they can still be bought online. The names are:

  • Blue Java
  • Manzano
  • Goldfinger
  • Praying Hands
  • Mysore
  • Red
  • Cavendish
  • Gros Michel
  • Lady Finger

The Cooking Bananas

These are the bananas which have a flavour which is neutral. These bananas are usually eaten in boiled, roasted or fried form. These are:

  • Rhino Horn
  • Macho Plantain
  • Bluggoe
  • Orinoco
  • Fehi

The taste of the bananas tends to change depending on the purpose as well as the style of cooking. It does not matter what kind of fruit is banana as it tastes better when cooked, according to some.